Professional Accountant

Why Choose Andre Lefebvre as your Ottawa Accountant?

Why be your own accountant?
Let the professional accountant do it for you!

The Challenge

Running a business is hard work - many owners put in 12-14 hour days.

  • Why put the added burden on yourself to be your own accountant?
  • Why employ a full time accountant when we can provide these services at a fraction of the cost?

The Solution

Andre Lefebvre & Associates accounting services will:

  • Prepare monthly reports that show how your business is performing (revenue versus expenses)
  • Provide you a more accurate picture of how your business is developing
  • File your returns on time so you do not miss important government filing deadlines
  • Help you to save time and money running your business
  • Increase your ability to develop or expand your business.

Andre Lefebvre & Associates as your professional accountant will provide accurate and detailed financial bookkeeping/accounting books to help you focus on the areas of business that require attention, see where you are spending too much money and identify areas you are perhaps not spending enough.

Andre Lefebvre & Associates as your professional accountant will help you save time and money. All expenses will be allocated properly and you will never have to worry about the required government report deadlines again. Late filing or non filing of government reports can result in an unnecessary audit or late payment filing fees. We make sure that all deadlines and reports are ALWAYS filed on time.

Located in OTTAWA

Andre Lefebvre & Associates

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Professional Accountant